Monday, November 10, 2014

Week of November 10th - Introduction of Food Groups

Wednesday, November 12th

We learned about the Dairy Group today.  The children were able to identify foods that are made from milk and they learned that milk comes from animals.  We discussed that most milk at the store mostly comes from cows or goats.  We also discussed how some milk is made from almonds, rice or soy beans because some people are allergic to milk from animals.To stay healthy, it is recommended to consume 3 servings each day. Milk contains calcium that makes bones and teeth strong.

Thursday, November 13th

Today the "Meat and Protein" group was introduced during our morning circle.  We discussed that meat, eggs, beans and nuts provide us with protein in our diet.  To stay healthy, people need to consume five servings of protein each day.  Protein helps our body grow and gives our body energy.

Friday, November 14th

Today the "Grains" food group was introduced. Grains give us energy. To stay healthy, you need to consume 6 servings of grains every day.  Grains come from parts of plants such as wheat, rice and corn.  Grains can be ground into flour that is used to make other things such as bread, pasta, pretzels, muffins, breakfast cereal and pancakes.   

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